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Dear Resellers,

Please be advised that Microsoft have last night released a security patch for Windows that also disables the RDP function.  This will adversely effect your AADS XPU Server functionality if your windows updates are open.

The symptoms are: The user is asked for their credentials they enter and are immediately disconnected.

Bad Microsoft patch to uninstall is KB2984972


XPUNLIMITED/AADS SERVER is a terminal services type program that runs on the windows operating system and can be installed on most reasonable quality desktop PCs. Once installed and configured it enables high quality remote access for an unlimited number of users. Its low cost and scale-ability allow it to be of immense use in a range of business environments from a few PCs with a peer to peer network to corporate networks with hundreds of users.

Any organization that uses Microsoft Windows and is considering, for whatever reason, to use Microsoft Terminal Server solutions, should consider XP Unlimited first, because it is easier and cheaper to deploy, but mostly because of the easy and relaxed license terms.

  • One license per server. One fixed price per server.
  • Unlimited, multiple concurrent remote desktop sessions.
  • Unlimited performance, using the Load Balancing of our Farm solution.
  • Application Control and Publishing. Give your users only the applications they need.
  • Seamless Windows & Desktops.
  • Integrated web server for an online desktop portal using browser access.
  • Small version and Enterprise version available.
  • Runs on Windows XP Pro SP2, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, all versions of Windows Server, including Small Business Server.

The actual maximum number of remote desktop sessions is only limited by your own infrastructure.

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