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Advantages & Benefits

XP Unlimited has all the benefits of a Terminal Server but not the restrictions:

  • One license per server. One fixed price per server.
  • Unlimited, multiple concurrent remote desktop sessions.
  • Unlimited performance, using the load balancing of our farm solution.
  • Application control and publishing. Give your users only the applications they need.
  • Seamless Windows & Desktops.
  • Integrated web server for an online desktop portal using browser access.
  • Small version and Enterprise version available.
  • Runs on Windows XP Pro SP2, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

The benefits of using XP Unlimited are described in this White Paper.

Extra productivity on Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2)

With our software your average Windows PC will give you extra productivity by enabling you to use your system by multiple concurrent users.

The actual number of remote desktops is only limited by practical issues like the processing power of your system and the amount of internal memory. The performance that one can expect from a system with our XP Unlimited software is comparable with Microsoft Terminal Server 2003.

Extra Productivity on Windows Servers

XP Unlimited on Windows Server gives you functionality similair or better then Citrix, but not for the Citrix price tag. Seamless desktops, Application Control, Web Server for Remote Desktops, and Load Balancing, all in one package.

Unlimited Performance

Several XP Unlimited servers can work together in a Farm with the objective to share the load of the users. Once again, there is no limit in our solution; you can have as many servers work together as you need. The only limits are within your own infrastructure.

You can mix Windows XP Professional SP2, Vista and Windows Server - all running XP Unlimited Enterprise, in one big XP Unlimited Farm.

Total Cost of Ownership

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of owning and using several PC's and servers is determined by three factors:

  • The cost of hardware.
  • The cost of software / licenses.
  • The cost of keeping the PC's and servers running.

When you want to run "up-to-date" software on all your PC's and servers, you end op buying new hardware and new software licenses every 2 and 3 years. Your old hardware is still working, but it can no longer be used for the most recent version of your business software. Next to this, you need a skilled professional for several hours a week or day that will assist you in fixing the continuous stream of problems with the PC's and servers.

When using XP Unlimited, you can cut down on the all the three types of costs. Suppose you have 50 employees:

  • You can still use your old, "out of date" hardware. You don't have to buy 50 new PC's, but only 1 or 2 which will be equipped with the XP Unlimited software.
  • You don't have to buy 50 new sets of licenses for Windows, Office, mail, virus scanner, etc. Depending on the license schemes of the software you are using, you might have to buy only 2 licenses for those 2 new PC's.
  • Your old "out of date" hardware is not running any application anymore. The only thing these old PC's are doing is a remote desktop session. Therefore, the chances are much smaller that one of those PC's get corrupted, infected, instable, etc. Of course, your 2 PC's with XP Unlimited are now used by all the users, but if you have to worry only about securing and configuring 2 PC's, the job of PC-maintenance will be easier and cheaper. Please take a look at Example 2; it describes an example how you can deal with this risk.

Integrated webserver for an Online Desktop Portal

The integrated webserver gives the company an easy solution for an online desktop portal. Using a browser, employees can surf to the XPUnlimited server and get a company desktop. The look-and-feel of the online desktop portal and its functionality can be customized.

Run the Application you want to run

  • All the users and all your applications that are already available on your Windows XP Professional system, or all the users that are defined in your Domain, can now use the system using Remote Desktops.
  • Most likely your old DOS-application will run fine on an XPUnlimited server in combination with Windows XP Pro SP2 or higher.
  • Every application that can be installed on Windows XP Professional can still be installed after the installation of the XP Unlimited solution. For example, your average Microsoft Office product will run fine on a System with the XP Unlimited solution which is not the case with Microsoft Terminal Services

    In these cases, costs are an issue. Consider the use of Open Office. It works fine on an XP Unlimited server.

Please note: Some software companies do not allow you to use their software by multiple users. Other software companies want you to buy separate licenses for each user. You should read all your software licenses carefully and act accordingly. Our product should not be used to violate license terms.

Please note: Some applications are not suited to be run using a remote desktop. For instance games. Those applications need a (very) fast video card and (very) fast video processing. Although the technology behind remote desktops is fast enough for your average office or home application, it is not suitable for lots of games or (very) fast video-oriented software.

LDAP or other means for the user administration and authorization

It is possible to use LDAP or other means for the user administration and authorization. LDAP integration might be interesting for those solutions where eGroupware, Open Groupware of similar products are used. The use of LDAP does also nicely combine with the use of Samba.

LDAP or other means of user administration and authorization can be achieved by using for instance XPUnlimited support chaining of another so called gina.dll.

Application Control and Publishing

You can deliver one or more Applications to your users or groups WITHOUT a desktop (Citrix-like functionality). The users are restricted to those Applications you want them to use. Please download the manual and read the full potential of our Application Control.